About Us

Weighing in at 316 ish pounds, few days pasted that I was not feeling tired and horrible.  After having my little girl, this feeling of not being able to keep up with my babies was a day-to-day struggle.  In years past, my spouse and I tried a few weight loss programs and would loss a few pounds and then gain it all back. I finally understand what all this talk about yo-yo dieting was all about.  There were some attempts to get back in the gym which just resulted in a few back injuries.  It was a mess!  I was a mess!  In December 2021, I had a few visits with the doctors and they let me know that my blood pressure and cholesterol was to high and clearly I was overweight.  It was time to commit to doing something about my weight issues.  So, in January 2022, I committed to a high veggie and protein diet as well as taking my kids on nature walks everyday.  It was difficult but the combination of mindset (I’m not stopping till I’ve won), awesome veggie meals, great tasting protein shakes, and nature walks with my children led to dropping down to 218 pounds by August 2022.  It’s an ongoing struggle to not eat all the bad foods but I truly believe my veggie meals and yummy protein shakes were the keys to my wellbeing.  This website is commitment to helping as many people as possible to accomplish some of their objectives.  You’ll find a collection of healthy options within these pages as well as tips, recipes, and some general daily foods that you can pickup. 

You’re appreciated on this website. Feel free to reach out with any questions, commits, or concerns that you may have.  I look forward to helping you with your goals.